Headache and Neck Pain Relief

Headaches are usually caused by tightness in the neck and shoulders. The tightness can cause misalignments in the vertebrae of your neck, resulting in pain. 80% of all headaches originate from the neck. A person usually feels pain starting at the base of the skull which radiates into the temples, eyeballs, and forehead.

New research indicates that prolonged smartphone and tablet usage is the cause of a new condition called "Text Neck" that can lead to shoulder pain, neck pack, and chronic headaches.You can read more about the research at the following links:



Text Neck

Massage of the neck and shoulder muscles can release tension, and a chiropractic adjustment can realign the vertebrae in your neck. Lakewood Chiropractic can help eliminate the cause of your headaches rather than offering a temporary relief from the symptoms.

If you are experiencing headaches, neck pain or back pain, schedule a complimentary exam and consultation today and begin your journey to pain relief today. At Lakewood Chiropractic, your initial exam is always FREE.

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